Operation Blockade Mediafire

Operation Blockade Mediafire

Operation Blockade Mediafire

Game Information:
In a desperate attempt to hold off the advance of an evil empire, you have been positioned on a small island directly in the path of the enemies supply line. Armed with a variety of weapons and air support, you must engage sea, land and air targets and destroy them. Each weapon is different and suited to a particular task, so study your weapons well. Your country is depending on you!

If enemy fire is too intense, team up with other players to wreak havoc upon the enemy shipping and supply lines. Watch as ships and planes are destroyed by you and your teammates. What will your strategy be to cover all the enemy targets and be sure none get through? Field of fire? Concentrated fire? Or maybe a free-for-all is more to your liking. You can try them all out in Operation Blockade.

Genre: Action
File Size: 36 MB
Publisher: Infogrames
Date Posted: Dec/29/2004

Min Requirements:
OS: WinXp/Win2k/Win9x
CPU: 500 MHz
GFX: 16 MB 3D Vid Card
Screenshoots :
Operation Blockade Mediafire
Mediafire Pass : mediafire-games4u


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