The Da Vinci Code - RELOADED

The Da Vinci Code - RELOADED


The Da Vinci Code game is based on the movie directed by Ron Howard which is in turn based on Dan Brown's best selling novel The Da Vinci Code. In this third-person action-adventure game, players have to solve riddles, fight enemies, escape in high-speed car chases and in the meantime unraveling a murder and an ancient secret.

Harvard professor Robert Langdon is in Paris for a meeting with a curator of the Louvre. When he arrives, it turns out the curator is dead. With his own blood, he has written a cryptic message. French cryptographer Sophie Neveu arrives and they team up to solve the murder and discover that Leonardo Da Vinci has left clues to a secret in his paintings. This leads them to uncover a millennia-old conspiracy. A secret society tries to stop them from doing so.

System requirements:

Windows 98SE/ME/2000/XP
Pentium III 888 Mhz
64 MB of Ram
1.2 GB of free space one hard drive
CD-ROM 16x
64MB video card (compatible ?DirectX 9

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where is the link,,,i can't find it...

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the part five from your mirror links are corrupt. i feel like im never going to get this game man.

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