Driving Simulator 2011-TiNYiSO

Driving Simulator 2011

Driving Simulator 2011-TiNYiSO | 840MB

Release On: 13 August 2011
Publisher: Excalibur Publishing Limited
Developer: Excalibur
Genre: Simulation
Protection: Nothing
Disk Amount/Format: 1 DVD ISO

Connoisseurs of driving simulation can now enjoy the thrilling challenge of driving a diverse fleet of some of the most fascinating vehicles ever to take to the road. Put on your lights and siren and scream through the city at the wheel of a high performance Police fast response car in a thrilling high speed pursuit. Alternatively, try to keep to schedule as you choose to pick up your fares from a fleet of buses. If nostalgia is your nirvana, take to the road at the wheel of a beautifully recreated vintage roadster

Perhaps heavy haulage is your interest as you take the wheel of a juggernaut or maybe a mercy mission as you navigate heavy traffic in an ambulance? Take to the track and let your adrenaline flow as you hammer down the straight in a finely tuned street racing car!

Enjoy the range of vehicles; each carefully crafted with physics to represent the inertia, weight and handling of each vehicle that offers a challenging road ride!

Each vehicle has a range of missions in a uniquely constructed 3D world that puts you into the heart of the action. Plus - create your own missions with a specially designed editor and modding tool!

Buckle yourself up for the drive of a lifetime!

Minimum System Requirements :
Microsoft Windows XP or Vista
2.0 GHz Intel or equivalent AMD processor
1 GB available hard disc space
Nvidia Geforce 6800 Series, ATI Radeon X850 or S3 Chrome 430 GT graphics card (minimum 128 MB VRAM)
sound card
Install: Burn/mount, install, play!

Password : mediafire-games4u


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