Dante's Inferno PSP

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Release-date: February 26, 2010
Water-release: Europe
-Platform: Play Station Portable
-Format: Iso File
-Category: Action, adventure perspective 3

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-This is a game that many reviews of games and gamers the most because they expect that this will be the product fairly compete with rival power signed the legendary game series God of War, Dante's has Inerno launched the third computer system is the Xbox 360, PS3, and PSP. Truly competitive, but, also for the Xbox 360 which is transmitted existence of rival Sony.
-Capital is an action game incessantly and compelling gameplay, players can develop a series of test-strength lightweight combo have to destroy your opponent, game systems have also touches the opponent by destroying the soul of the opponent or escape them is super Features of the game
-The game will be better if you take a more features, not the parking of his other game forums and a plot or more ...

~ ~ Plot ~ ~


-On the way back home after many years the main battle on the battlefield, now the main characters of the game to face more suffering than the pain of his body when he saw everyone in his family was killed cruel, he just meet again the love of his few seconds, then she has been demon began to work his wife. Embracing term for his family and go see her lover was arrested, Dante as ephemera workers in danger of hell to rescue to make love.
-The journey rescue the love of Dante now as a comic book of the medieval conflict between sin and destroy any notice terrible results of hell that players will go through hell each floor enough frequency a statue represents each giang sins on the ceiling.

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